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About Us

Faith Driven Supportive Services Inc partners with local and national social service agencies, employment agencies, and community development programs to provide comprehensive services for its participants. As they matriculate through the program, we provide the scaffolds necessary for their transition into the workforce. By partnering with funding agencies, we provide first class training and professional sessions, while reducing the financial strain on the individual and their families. 


Meet the Founder

Vision and Mission

Faith Driven Supportive Services, Inc. is committed to restoring hope, providing an empathic, compassionate, integrated approach to helping people suffering with substance use conditions such as drug and/or alcohol abuse or dependency and those struggling with mental health issues, which occur simultaneously to some individuals. We help them make healthy, positive changes and improve their lives. We advocate Continuum of Care for all of our consumers coming from community stakeholders like homeless shelters, probation offices, hospitals, detox units, jail systems.

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